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Trek Gorillas on Budget

Trek Gorillas on Budget

Trekking gorilla is lifetime and memorable experience. The Volcano Mountains in the great lakes region, are few places that hosts these endangered species. It is believed that that trekking gorillas is expensive but one can ask him/herself, how to trek gorillas on budget?

A gorilla permit is 1500$. There are ways on which one can trek gorillas on a minimal budget and enjoy the great opportunity of visiting these human like species.

Though some people combine trekking gorillas with other touristic activities within or around the Volcanoes National Park including visiting the Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village, trekking golden monkeys, kayaking on twin lakes or hiking volcano; trekking gorillas on budget can be done by leaving alone other expenses like accommodation, other activities and luxuries.

Trek Gorillas on Budget

Another way of trekking gorilla on budget is undertaking a one day travel leaving, Kigali early in the morning to attend a briefing session at the park headquarter in the morning and go straight to the park for gorilla trekking. In this case you will not need to have an overnight in Musanze (near the park) so that no additional expenses are engaged. You will only need hiring a car and a packed lunch on the trek.

budget gorilla trekkingAccommodations around the park are a bit expensive. Someone trekking gorillas stays on hotels nearby the national park to ease the transfer to the park for trekking. Accommodations around the park are luxury lodges that are a bit expensive compared to other Hotels in other places. When trekking gorilla on budget you can use other hotels in nearby places, for example if you stay in Musanze town you can find budget and mid-range accommodations and its only 30 minutes’ drive to the park headquarters. Being cheap doesn’t mean that their service is not good. The standards for Hotel services are highly regulated and controlled.

Another option of trekking gorillas on budget is to trek them in Uganda. The Bwindi National Park or in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Virunga National Park where trekking is a bit cheap than trekking them in Rwanda. A gorilla permit costs 700$ in Uganda and 400$ in Congo as opposed to Rwanda whereby a trekking permit is 1500$.

To explore all of these options and choose one that best fits your, you need to contact a professional tour operator who will help you to design a plan that best fits within you interests and budget. For more information, guidance and booking, simply contact us to advise you on a suitable choice. We will always be ready to help you choose a suitable option and facilitate you accordingly.

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