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How To Secure a Rwanda Gorilla Permit

How To Secure a Rwanda Gorilla Permit.

Trekking gorillas is a lifetime and memorable experience that one cannot miss. Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is among the few places that has been graced to accommodate these endangered species. Here we are bringing to your attention a checklist of items to consider on how to secure a Rwandan gorilla permit. Knowing how to secure a Rwanda Gorilla Permit will enable you to plan better for your Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari.

Each day has 96 total slots of gorilla permits, each costing 1500 US $. Special discounts are reserved when trekking in November up to May, when a delegate is attending a meeting or a conference recognized by the Rwanda Convention Bureau, a discount of 30 per cent is applied.

Special offers are also available for 3 consecutive days’ gorilla filming and professional photographing permit at a cost of 5000 $ and filming and photograph crew (maximum 8 persons) is charged 12,000 $ per day.

How To Secure a Rwanda Gorilla Permit

When someone has booked a gorilla permit and happens not to come for trekking, transferring a permit to another individual but not changing the trekking dates is possible once and 30 days before the trekking date. Transferring a gorilla permit is done between guests with same travel status, for example; a transfer between a foreign to a foreign, an East African to another East African citizen, a Rwandan to a Rwandan.

Re-scheduling a gorilla trekking date can also be possible when someone missed the trek due to due to an unforeseen circumstance. This process can only be possible only within the same year. The fee for re scheduling is 20% of the permit fee. After an application and presentation of the proof of the unforeseen circumstances, The Rwanda Development Board will approve the rescheduling upon satisfaction with the reasons provided. If the reschedule is not approved, no appeal can be made.

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An individual may choose to trek at a time of his choice other than trekking in a group. With a personalized trekking you can be briefed from your hotel and you can spend more time with gorillas other than the one hour given to trekkers in a group. A personalized trekking costs 15000 $ per gorilla permit.

How to secure a Rwanda Gorilla Permit? Application for a gorilla permit is free, you only need a booking reference to pay for the permit. But we are here to save you from these struggles. Simply contact us and leave us with the rest. We at Unique Rwanda Vacations Experts are ready to make your trip a memorable one by designing an itinerary that best meet your interests and needs including booking park entrance and permits, accommodations as well as transportation with a driver guide to take care of your stay in Rwanda.

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