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7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Rwanda

Rwanda, also known as the country of a thousand hills is a landlocked country situated in East Africa bordering the Republic of Uganda in the North, the Republic of Tanzania in the east, the Republic of Burundi in the south and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west. The country of Rwanda is known to be a safe haven for tourists mainly due to various reasons. Here are the 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Rwanda. With this piece of writing we will bring to you the reasons why you should visit Rwanda.

Rwanda is ranked as the Safest country not only in Africa but also in the world. Unlike in other places in which travellers are advised to take precautions when travelling to some places, In Rwanda travellers are free and safe to travel in every place in the country and anytime of the day either during the day or during the night with no fear of any disturbance or danger. Security organs are everywhere to support in any case of need and people are always friendly to travellers.

Another reason why you should visit Rwanda include the Gorilla trekking.  These human-like creatures said to be sharing 98% of their DNA with human beings are a must to see when travelling to Rwanda. These remaining primates are only found in Rwanda, Uganda and the democratic of Congo. Visiting these endangered species gives an opportunity of meeting gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park, their natural bedding, seeing their way of living, interacting and making their living the same way human beings do.

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Rwanda

Meeting the big five in Akagera National Park is also another reason why you should visit Rwanda. Rwanda has other attractions other than Gorilla trekking. Akagera National Park, the only savanna Park in Rwanda accommodates the big five including lion, leopard, black rhinoceros, elephant, and the buffalo. It also has other animals like hyenas, zebras, giraffe and several antelopes like the bushbucks, roan antelope, Topis, klipspringer, Oribis, Cape eland, water-buck, duikers and impalas without forgetting different birds’ species.

Visiting Nyungwe National Park, one of the old African rain forests, also noted the reasons why you should visit Rwanda. Nyungwe National Park is known to accommodate chimpanzees and other 13 primates. Bird watching in this rain forest is one of the best with around 322 bird species, in addition to 1068 plant species and 140 orchids. Visiting Nyungwe is spiced up with a walk on the Canopy which is a 90 metres suspended bridge that offers the opportunity of seeing the forest and its surroundings on top of the forest.

Another reason why you should visit Rwanda is to learn from the dark history of the 20th century. Rwanda has had one of the cruel history during the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi whereby one million people were killed in only 100 days. By visiting genocide memorials in the country and listening to some survivors testimonies, you will get to know how innocent people, unarmed men, women and children were slaughtered live to death with only one reason: being born a Tutsi (an ethnic group). With your visit also you will get to learn how the country tried to rebuild the country by reuniting people up to the safe country today.

canoe ride in RwandaThe last but not least on the list of reasons why you should visit Rwanda is to meet and interact with local communities. When you are on your visit to Rwanda, you will have a chance of meeting the most hospitable people who would wish to meet in foreign country. Rwandese people are welcoming and friendly most especially to foreigners. Wherever you pass you will meet people with smiling faces to whoever passes. Visiting local markets, villages and local community touristic activities offer opportunities of interacting with locals and get to know their everyday mode of living.

There are different reasons why you should visit Rwanda, the above 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Rwanda are just a few among the many. Rwanda is one of the growing tourist destinations, simply because the country is investing in hospitality to make sure that visitors enjoy a memorable stay. You will find everything organized to receive visitors including hotels, National Parks as well as tour operators and guides to take care of tourists. All you need to reach out to a professional tour operator to help you design a best suited itinerary to your time, budget and interest. Unique Rwanda Vacation Experts will help you make your visit to Rwanda a lifetime experience. You only need to send your request and let the tour experts arrange all the logistics for your visit to Rwanda. Our commitment is to exceed the client’s expectations.

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