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Birding Safaris in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Birding Safaris in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park lies in the south west Rwanda partly abutting the Burundi border, it is a vast area of mountain rainforest. Birding Safaris in Nyungwe Forest National Park is high on the agenda for things to do in Nyungwe Forest. Nyungwe Forest National Park is also home to many wonders and the forest is one of them, it has been in existence for thousands of years, in 1903 during the colonial era, Nyungwe which was colonial crown land was declared  a forest reserve by the German colonial government  between 1958and 1973 when the area reduced due to fires, wood cutting, poaching of animals, according to research a whole 150kilometer square of the forest area was reduced some biodiversity studies conducted in the area by the wild life conservation society revealed a vast population of colobus monkeys, tourist centers were set up  but later destroyed  due to the Rwanda genocide  in 1994.

The national park is also the largest tropical afro montane rainforest east or Central Africa it receives over 2000mm of rain each year, it is Rwanda’s largest water catchment area and it is home to two thirds of Rwanda’s water. Nyungwe is stated the most important site for biodiversity Conservation by the bird life international approximately 280 bird species, 25 of which are endemic. Nyungwe forest extends to an altitude of 1600 to 2950meters above sea level, it is home to butterflies, moths and other interesting insects. The park is one of the most important bird watching areas in Rwanda with more than 280bird species recorded to date majority of the birds are forest specialists and 26are regional endemic whose range is only to few forests along the Albertine rift valley. Birding Safaris in Nyungwe Forest National Park are a little tiring due to its thick forest, birds stick to the canopy several birds some of them  including  The great blue turaco, fly catcher, red throated Alethe, sunbirds, gravers warbler, forest hornbills, red colored bubbler, Rockefeller s sunbirds among many species.

Due to the thick forest, it can be difficult to view the birds and most of them stay on top of the canopy more than the inside of the forest, however there are spots where they are normally seen some include bigugu mountain, karamba area near gisakura, kamiranzovu  swamp, as well as the gisakura tea estate. Forest birding is not easy but the wide road running through the park offers a great access  point into the canopy, of specific interest Are the many Albertine rift endemic, of all the 37birds restricted to the range with difficult  access, 27are found in Nyungwe national park. In order to enjoy birding, one is advised to come along with binoculars, long sleeved shirts and trouser.

Besides bird watching, Nyungwe is endowed with a number of tourist activities to participate  in like golden monkey tracking, canopy walks and hikes, chimpanzee tracking, Nyungwe forest is located in the south western part of Rwanda Burundi boarder in the south, Lake kivu and the Democratic Republic of Congo lie on the west side of the park.

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