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Welcome to Unique Rwanda Vacation Experts, your premier travel partner with over a decade of expertise in curating immersive and sustainable travel experiences. our passion is to connect our clients with the breathtaking beauty, rich culture, and diverse wildlife of Rwanda and the east Africa. Get to know more about us. We do organize adventurous safari tours to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, DRC and Burundi. The East Africa has got plenty to explore including wildlife game drives, bird watching tours, mountain hiking tours, cultural experiences, boat cruise tours, city tours, chimpanzee tracking tours, gorilla trekking tours among many other activities.

Gorilla Families in Rwanda's Volcanoes National Parksustainability is at the core of our service, not just a tour operator; we are committed to sustainability by forging meaningful connections with local communities and their environment, eco friendly and responsible tourism to leave impact to places where we operate.

what we offer: 

  • Accommodation: from strategic safari lodges to cozy retreats, we ensure your stay is as memorable as the destinations.
  • Transportation: Transport to different destinations and transfers including airport and cross boarders in our reliable transport fleet. We do also offer helicopter transfers to different sites and National Parks.
  • Bookings: From accommodation, air tickets and visas, park entrances and permits constitute our travel logistic coverage.

with offices in Kigali – Rwanda, our experienced team and knowledgeable guides are ready to turn your travel dreams onto reality. We have a team of experts, tour guides with full knowledge of all tourist destinations we go to and great driving skills to keep you comfortable throughout your safari. We are well poised to get you accommodation at the most strategic safari lodges within all tourist destinations on the country.

Explore the East Africa like never before with Unique Rwanda Vacation Experts – Your getaway to Unforgeable adventures!

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You can also find us at Safarigo

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