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Your next vacation to Rwanda

Your next vacation to Rwanda

Planning a vacation doesn’t have to be a discouraging task; in fact, it can be a very rewarding process as you anticipate an enjoyable breakout with family. The key to successful trip planning is to break it down into manageable steps and know the little secrets that make travel planning easier. A visit to the country of a thousand hills as Rwanda is known of, will reward you with best moments as you enjoy the best that it has to offer. Situated in the east of Africa bordering Uganda, Tanzania Burundi and The Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda is landlocked blessed with various attractions. There are other National Parks that you can visit on your next vacation to Rwanda.

If your next vacation is to Rwanda, let’s help you to know what you can expect during your stay. Majority of tourists come to Rwanda to visit gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park but Rwanda has other attractions to offer.

Akagera National Park is the only savanna park in the country of a thousand hills which hosts the big five animals, namely: Elephant, lions, leopard, rhinos and buffalos. It is also home to other animals like zebras, antelopes, giraffes, water buck and several bird species which make it a haven for birders.

Your next vacation to Rwanda

Another attraction not to miss out when you are planning your next vacation to Rwanda is Nyungwe National Park situated in the Southern part of the country. The Park is one of the oldest rainforest in Africa and is known to be a source of many rivers including the river Nile that starts as water fall, goes on as Nyabarongo river that flows to the Centre of the Country post to the Kigali city and becomes Akagera river after meeting Akanyaru. Akanyaru will continue between Rwanda and Tanzania to throw itself in Victoria lake after which it becomes river Nile and continues to the northern part of Africa to meet the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt. When visiting Nyungwe National Park expect to see a variety of around 13 primate species including chimpanzees and colobus monkeys among others. The canopy walk which is a 90 meter suspended bridge offers a unique experience to visitors as you are able to explore the park and its surroundings from the top of trees of the forest. The Park also hosts around 300 bird species, 1068 plant species as well as 14o orchids.

Lake Kivu is the biggest lake shared between Rwanda and the DRC. It has beautiful Irelands and sand beaches that help to relax and you are exploring the beautiful unwinding hills of the Congo Nile trail covered with green vegetation. A boat trip on Lake Kivu will reward you with a memorable experience on your next vacation to Rwanda.

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Apart from national Parks, rivers and lakes, your next vacation to Rwanda should include national museums, art crafts, historical and cultural sites. A visit to the Ethnographic museum in Huye, the Kings Palace Museum in Nyanza, the Richard Kandt house in Kigali or the Rwanda art museum are among the many that are in the country in addition to a number of art craft centres that exhibits the artistic and creativity of a young generation of artists. The Kigali genocide memorial offers a special occasion of knowing the atrocities that the country has undergone through the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi whereby one million people were killed in only one hundred days living a mark of dark history of the 20th century.

Your next vacation to Rwanda will be a success if you meet a professional tour operator to help you put up an itinerary that best fits with your time, budget and interests. Unique Rwanda Vacation Experts will make sure that your vacation is a lifetime experience with memorable experiences worth remembering. Your consultant will make sure that all your details are well taken care of when designing an itinerary that includes accommodation options, transportation and other ground logistics. Leave a request with us and relax as we are preparing your package.

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