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Rwanda bike tours

Rwanda bike tours

Rwanda is a beautiful and diverse country known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills.” It offers a unique and exciting opportunity for bike tours, allowing visitors to explore its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and friendly people. Cycling through Rwanda provides an immersive experience that allows you to connect with the local communities and soak in the country’s natural beauty. Rwanda bike tours can be an option on its own or it can be combined with tours to other country destinations including gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes, game drive in kagera National park as well as Chimpanzee and canopy walk in Nyungwe National Park

Here are some popular destinations and experiences recommended for you:

Kigali City Tour as an option for Rwanda bike tours: Start your journey in the capital city, Kigali, and explore its clean and organized streets. Visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial, local markets, and cultural centers to learn about Rwanda’s history and culture.

Musanze city tour as another option for Rwanda bike tours: Located near the Volcanoes National Park, Musanze offers stunning views of volcanoes and the surrounding landscapes. You can embark on a gorilla trekking adventure here or explore the scenic countryside by bike.

Lake Kivu bike tours, also known as the Congo Nile trail, is a good option for Rwanda bike tours as you drive along the shores of Lake Kivu and offers breathtaking views of the lake and the nearby mountains. You can also visit fishing villages and enjoy fresh fish while interacting with the locals as well as the shores of Lake Kivu to have a more relaxed and beachside atmosphere, enjoying the sandy beaches, hot springs, and scenic beauty of Lake Kivu and its surroundings.

Nyungwe Forest bike tour offers an opportunity to visit Nyungwe Forest and its  vast, biodiverse rainforest in Rwanda. Although it can be challenging to cycle through due to its hilly terrain, it offers a unique experience for adventurous cyclists and nature enthusiasts who are on their Rwanda Bike tours.

Akagera National Park: For those seeking a wildlife experience, Akagera National Park is a must-visit on Rwanda bike tours. While biking within the park may not be possible in certain areas due to safety concerns, there are designated cycling routes outside the park boundaries that offer glimpses of the wildlife and picturesque landscapes.

Huye bike tours: This city in southern Rwanda is home to the National Museum of Rwanda and the Ethnographic Museum, which provide insights into the country’s history and cultural heritage. When on a Rwanda Bike tour you will be able to explore this beautiful old city with a lot of historical sites.

Some areas may have challenging terrain, so it’s best to be prepared physically for the tour. it is also essential to check on local regulations by checking with local authorities or tour operators to understand any specific rules or guidelines for cycling in certain areas, especially in protected natural areas as well as wearing appropriate gear, use well-maintained bicycles, and follow traffic rules.

Consider joining a guided bike tour organized by reputable tour operators who have experience in conducting tours in Rwanda. Rwanda’s bike tours offer a unique way to experience the country’s rich culture, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. Whether you’re a leisure cyclist or an experienced adventurer, Rwanda’s diverse offerings are sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.  Welcome to Rwanda.


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