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A photo taken when visiting Lake Kivu

Visiting Lake Kivu

Visiting Lake Kivu

Lake kivu, the biggest Lake in Rwanda, stretched between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Rwanda from the North West part of the Country in the town of Rubavu, throughout to the Town of Kibuye up to the town of Ruzizi in the Southern west part of the Country offers good relaxation moments to travelers who visit it. Lake Kivu has perhaps the most popular beach retreat for families living elsewhere in Rwanda or for tourists who come to Visit Rwanda for adventure and relaxation.

Lake Kivu, is a place where busy minds can completely switch off, occasionally glancing up from a good book to notice the birds or the changing colors on the lake as the sun drops over the far side.

When to visit lake Kivu:

Lake Kivu offers opportunities to tourists from different destinations. Tourists who completed a gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National park or chimpanzee trekking and canopy walk in Nyungwe National Park, will need a bit of relaxation as the trekking is sometimes tiresome and physically challenging. Therefore, It is worth visiting lake Kivu with a relaxation on the beach before returning to Kigali for a flight back, or before continuing your journey to other parts of the country.

What to do on lake Kivu

When you are staying on lake Kivu either in Rubavu town, Kibuye Town or Rusizi Town, there are various activities you can do that will help you enjoy your stay. The following are proposals of activities to perform when visiting Lake Kivu.

Boat tour on lake Kivu. Taking a boat and visiting Lake Kivu, will give you an opportunity to visit its different and beautiful Ireland’s rich in various biodiversity. You will see a lot of birds on the lake shores.

Taking on a canoe ride in Lake Kivu is another good way of relaxing as you will be exercising a canoe and enjoying a breather from the lake, as you move around in the lake. You will also be able to spot numerous birds along the lake shore and be able to take memorable pictures for your journey to the country of a thousand hills.

Coffee tour is another activity to enjoy when visiting Lake Kivu. The surroundings of lake Kivu are covered by coffee plantations and factories and are open to visitors who wish to know how coffee is produced from the hands of rural women and men until processed and served in a cup for your test. For an authentic experience of Rwandan daily life you can also head off night fishing with the locals, or kayak out with them at sunset when attending a hotel in Kibuye on the lake Kivu.

When you are visiting, you will also need accommodation for overnights. This is not a problem as there are various accommodations ranging from Standard, mid-range and luxury Hotels in all cities on Lake Kivu namely Rubavu, Karongi and Rusizi. Various hotels have kayaks to rent. They also have boats carrying small groups out to Island in Kivu lake, the best known being Amahoro Ireland and Napoleon Ireland home to a colony of fruit bats.

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