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One of the Hotels around the Volcanoes

Hotels around the Volcanoes

The Volcanoes National park situated in the Northern Part of Rwanda, home to the majestic gorillas, the human-like creatures said to be sharing with human beings 98% of their DNA. Thousands of tourists from all around the world visit the Volcanoes National park to do the gorilla trekking. Though the gorilla trekking is the main activity done Volcanoes National park, there other tourist activities that are also done by tourists, these includes mountain hiking which involves walking up to the summit of the Volcanoes, Kalisimbi being the highest with 4,507 m (14,787 feet), followed by Muhabura with 4,127 m (13,540 feet), Bisoke with 3,711 m (12,175 feet) and Sabyinyo with3,669 m (12,037 feet) also in the Volcanoes, you can trek the golden monkeys which are also type of primates of a smaller size to the gorillas. This part of the country has plenty of hotels offering accommodation for tourists. With this article, we are going to share some hotels around the Volcanoes that can host tourists on their trips.

A tourist will choose a hotel around the Volcanoes depending on the budget at hand, preference and accessibility. The hotels around the Volcanoes range from with various categories ranging from standard, Midrange, Luxury and High end. We will look at some of the Hotels around the Volcanoes. For the High end hotels around the volcanoes, we have:

BISATE LODGE which is a high end lodge located on the lower slopes of Bisoke Volcanoes. The word bisate means ‘pieces’ describing how the once-whole cone was worn away by natural erosion. Six luxurious suites encompass warmth, comfort and panoramic views whilst retaining the environmental principles and culture of Rwanda.

ONE & ONLY GORILLAS NEST A luxurious lodge among the hotels around the volcanoes with 24 rooms swathed in eucalyptus forest with a close view of Volcano.

SINGITA KWITONDA LODGE & KATAZA HOUSE is also an eco-luxurious lodge with 13 rooms among the hotels around the Volcanoes, close to the volcanoes offering a comfortable, reflective and nurturing spaces.

AMAKORO SONGA LODGE, located also outside but close to the Volcanoes is another hotel around the Volcanoes with 8 luxurious cottages.

The above are some of the hi end and exclusive lodges located at the edge of the Volcanoes which puts the gorilla trekking experience within easy reach. Apart from the high end lodges around the Volcanoes, there are also the Luxury hotels around the Volcanoes also offering accommodation in this category. Some of them are the following:

THE BISHOP’S HOUSE located 25 minutes’ drive away from the Volcanoes with nine luxuriously rooms offering exclusive services to its clients. VIRUNGA LODGE is another luxury hotel around the Volcanoes set on the Volcanoes on a ridge with views overlooking the Volcanoes and Lakes Burera and Ruhondo with 10 private cottages.

 The category of Mid-ranges lodges around the Volcanoes includes Da Vinci gorilla lodge, Tiloreza eco lodge and the Mountain gorilla view lodge among others. There are other standard hotels around the Volcanoes and in Musanze close to the Volcanoes offering accommodation at budget including la Palme Hotel, the Garden Palace Hotel, Snow Hotel and the Isange Paradise resort among others.

The hotels around the Volcanoes are located close to the Volcanoes which makes the gorilla trekking easy as it starts early in the morning but also giving tourists a sound nature experience as you feel and breathe from the fauna and flora from the Volcanoes as well as overlooking the Volcanoes in a tranquility of the land of a thousand hills as Rwanda in known of.

To learn more about hotels around the volcanoes and to choose one for your stay around the Volcanoes and you want to book one hotel around the Volcanoes, Unique Rwanda Vacation your choice as tour operator to take care of your trip to Rwanda. Our tour consultants will help you to book the hotel, gorilla permits as well as provide you with ground transport.

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