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Luxury Rwanda Safari Tours

Luxury Rwanda Safari Tours

Rwanda is a beautiful and diverse country in East Africa known for its stunning landscapes, rich wildlife, and unique culture. Rwanda offers incredible opportunities for luxury safari tours, especially when it comes to gorilla trekking. Here are some key highlights and information to consider when planning a luxury safari tour in Rwanda:

Gorilla Trekking: One of the main attractions in Rwanda is the opportunity to go gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park. This experience allows you to get up close and personal with endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that can be arranged as part of a luxury safari package.

It’s important to note that gorilla trekking in Rwanda requires a gorilla trekking permit, and these permits are limited in number. It’s advisable to book your permits well in advance, as they tend to sell out quickly.

Accommodations: Rwanda offers a range of luxury lodges and safari camps in and around its national parks. These lodges provide high-end amenities, excellent service, and often breathtaking views. Some well-known luxury lodges in Rwanda include Bisate Lodge, Singita Kwitonda Lodge, and One&Only Gorilla’s Nest.

Other Wildlife: Besides gorillas, Rwanda is home to various other wildlife species, including golden monkeys, chimpanzees, and a variety of bird species. Luxury safari tours can include guided hikes and safaris to spot these creatures.

Akagera National Park: Located in the eastern part of Rwanda, Akagera National Park offers a different wildlife experience with its savannah landscapes, large herds of animals, and diverse birdlife. You can enjoy game drives and boat safaris in this park.

rhinos in Rwanda

Nyungwe Forest National Park: This park in southwestern Rwanda is a haven for primate enthusiasts, with 13 different species, including chimpanzees. Luxury tours can include guided hikes and canopy walks in the forest with an overnight in the One&Only Nyungwe House which is a high end facility in this one of the remaining rainforest in Africa, which offers opportunity of connecting and enjoying the real nature.

Cultural Experiences: Rwanda has a rich cultural heritage, and luxury tours often include visits to local communities and cultural experiences such as traditional dance performances and craft workshops.

When planning a luxury safari tour in Rwanda, it’s best to work with reputable tour operators or travel agencies that specialize in African safaris. They can help you create a customized itinerary that suits your interests, arrange permits, accommodations, and transportation, and provide you with a memorable and luxurious experience in this beautiful East African country. Unique Rwanda Vacation Experts will help to tailor your itinerary to your preferences, ensuring that you have a personalized and exclusive experience.


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