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Conference discounted gorilla permit

Conference discounted gorilla permit

Conference discounted Rwanda gorilla permit is a new approach that has been introduced for clients attending a conference in Rwanda and want to stay pre or post conference to see the gorillas and relax in the country of a thousand as Rwanda is known.  Most of the travelers to Rwanda, are looking at gorilla trekking which is a lifetime experience to meet the majestic gorillas said to be sharing 98% of their DNA with human beings. Mountain gorillas are only found in the great lakes region namely in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic republic of Congo.

Gorilla trekking activity involves following a group of gorillas into the wild and observing them for one hour, the activity is not only offering access to the primates, it allows them to connect with the real nature by meeting the gorillas in their natural bedding.

Rwanda gorilla conference permit discount was set by Rwanda Development Board to conference tourists who stay pre or post conference dates to see gorillas and will be eligible for a 15% discount from 1500 USD the current normal price of a single gorilla permit. This is one of the government of Rwanda initiatives to boost the sustainability of tourism within the country as one of the country’s top foreign income earner sectors. Similarly, to other tourists who visit other national parks in Rwanda; Nyungwe national park or Akagera national park for a minimum of three days in addition to gorilla trekking will be eligible to receive a discount of 30% discount from 1500 USD the current normal price of a single gorilla permit.

Tour Package Cost

To enjoy the Conference discounted Rwanda gorilla permit, the following need to be taken into consideration.

You need to book and pay for the gorilla permit as early as possible to be sure of the availability on the day of your choice for trekking. Normally Rwanda sells 96 permits per day and they may finish any time depending on the request. So it’s better to book and pay it in advance to confirm your trekking by the time you will be in the country. To benefit from the Conference discounted Rwanda gorilla permit, you need to first check if the conference you are attending is listed by the Rwanda Convention Bureau (RCB).

Again, if you are planning to attend any conference or a meeting, don’t forget to venture into a new world of Rwanda. For further arrangement, contact a local tour operator to customize your travel to Rwanda with other country wanders including mountain Gorilla and Golden Monkeys in Volcanoes mist, Chimpanzee and Colobus Monkeys in Nyungwe forest, and Akagera game drive. Unique Rwanda Vacation experts are ready to make your adventure tour a memorable experience by putting together a package that best fits with your preferences, time, budget and needs. All you need is just to book with us.

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