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touristic attraction in Rwanda

Touristic sites in Rwanda

Rwanda, the country of a thousand hills as it is known of, is located in East Africa, and is known to be a heaven for tourists from all over the world. Rwanda distinguishes itself from the rest of the destination by its cleanliness, safety and security. Rwanda has extensive natural beauty dispatched along country sides. When it comes to touristic sites in Rwanda, Gorilla trekking from Volcanoes national park becomes a first welcoming tourist attraction on your safari in the region, come along visiting national parks for wildlife viewing safaris like Akagera National park, Visit Nyungwe national park, a home of Chimpanzees and a bird’s eye view from a canopy walk way suspended bridge, visit the Kigali Genocide Mausoleum in Kigali city, experiencing King’s Palace history, viewing stunning hills that remarks Rwanda to be called a country of thousands hills, cultural lovers you can get exhibits on traditional customs and beliefs at Rwanda Ethnographic Museum.


Volcanoes National Park is the most visited among Touristic sites in Rwanda, the park is made off a chain of five dormant volcanoes from which it got is name, is part of larger multinational Virunga conservation area, is the safest home for the rare mountain Gorillas where about 600 gorillas are nesting. Volcanoes national park is also a home for golden monkeys, a variety of birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and unique flora which together make a complete beautiful site for tourists to visit.

Luxury Rwanda Safari Tours

Nyungwe forest is also on a top of Touristic sites in Rwanda yet is one of the oldest rainforests in Africa. Nyungwe National Park is beautiful and rich in biodiversity, is the safest place to walk in a while without any threat of attack from wild animals, the forest is a home of chimpanzees and other 12 primates. The forest offers a scenic view from its canopy walk way, a 90 meters high suspended bridge on top of the trees. Furthermore, the forest is the mother source of the World famous Nile River.


Akagera National Park is only one game viewing among tourist sites in Rwanda, the park is located in the eastern region of Rwanda bordering Tanzania, a roughly two and a half hours drive from Kigali international airport. The Akagera National Park encloses an African savannah landscape of acacia and bush with patches of open grassland and a dozen swampy lakes. It is home to big five animals, Zebras, Hyenas, Giraffes, Olive baboons, and several antelopes including savannah dominant Impala. Visitors can watch schools of hippos and Nile crocodiles lounging in the sun near lake Ihema.

Rhinos in Akagera NP

Lake Kivu, is Rwanda’s largest lake and the sixth largest in Africa, being one of Touristic sites in Rwanda, lake Kivu is a volcanic lake terraced hills down to the picturesque shores and the resort town bordering Democratic Republic of Congo. Lake Kivu is also known as one of the safest lakes in Africa since there are no dangerous animals such as hippos and crocodiles, it has a lot of islands which are homes for colonies of fruit bats. Most common way to explore Lake Kivu is through one of the standard tour boats with benches and a roof or adventure tours though kayaking on the Lake enjoying pristine water bodies and fisherman singing while going forward to fish.

A trip to Lake Kivu
Lake Kivu

Congo Nile trail is a recently launched touristic site in Rwanda, this is a hiking and mountaineering trail along the ridge dividing Congo and Nile Basins. The Congo Nile trail is having 8 biking stages and 10 hiking stages, each stage takes one day to complete and there is food and accommodation at the end of each, the trail passes through the wonderful scenery of lake Kivu and green Rwandan hills, and passes through Nyungwe and Gishwati-Mukura forests national parks. Congo Nile Trail is the best place for biking and hiking in Rwanda.

King’s Palace Museum is a touristic site in Rwanda which is one of the eight national museums, that showcases a replica of a King palace from the 15th Century with a thatched roof, royal hut and a fresh milk hut traditionally run by an unmarried woman, the back side of the place is occupied by the sacred Inyambo Cows known in Rwanda as royal cows due to their amazingly large curved horns, throughout the day traditional singers lull the cows a mellow poem which is a ritual unique to Rwanda. Tourists can also explore the colonial-style home that was once the residence of King Mutara III Rudahirwa in the mid-20th century.

Ethnographic Museum is also one of touristic sites in Rwanda, and one of Africa’s best collections of ethnological and archeological artifacts can be found in Rwanda’s ethnographic Museum. The museum has seven galleries that take visitors back in time to pre-colonial Rwanda. The galleries hold a collection of woven baskets, traditional garments made from animal hides, woven grass spears and bows, musical drums from hundreds of years ago and old firming tools. Visitors can step inside an authentic royal home and learn how it was constructed.

The Kigali Genocide Mausoleum as one of touristic sites in Rwanda where 250,000 victims of 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi have been buried. This memorial serves to educate how the Genocide against the Tutsi took shape, ad in addition, it examines other genocides tha took place during the 20th century. The wall of names is dedicated to those who died, though many of the victims of the genocide are unknown and names have yet to be found. The memorial gardens provide a place for quiet contemplation about the history of the genocide against Tutsi. Visitors can learn through audio, visual, paintings and scriptures how genocide against Tutsi gravely wiped victim’s lives, and learn how every should play role in fighting against genocide elsewhere on the worldwide.

Touristic sites in Rwanda are amazing attractions and each with uniqueness from one another. If you want Rwanda to be your next place to visit, contact local tour operator to customize your travel to Rwanda with all main country wanders which include mountain Gorilla and Golden Monkeys in Volcanoes mist, Chimpanzee and Colobus Monkeys in Nyungwe forest, Akagera game drive, King’s palace museum, Lake kivu, Congo Nile trail and Kigali city as well. Unique Rwanda Vacation experts are ready to make your adventure tour a memorable experience by putting together a package that best fits with your preferences, time, budget and needs. All you need is just to book with us.



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