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Rwanda cultural tour

Rwanda cultural tour

Rwandan culture is rich in a variety of artifacts, values, practices and languages. Visiting the country and interacting with locals is a good way to experience the country’s rich history and traditions. Tourists who are visiting national park and other touristic attractions have other places to visit and things to do on a cultural tour of Rwanda. We are bringing to you things you can do a Rwanda cultural tour.
On Rwandan cultural tour, you can visit the King’s Palace Museum: Located in Nyanza, the King’s Palace Museum is a great place to learn about Rwanda’s traditional monarchy system and history. You can tour the palace and see traditional artifacts and artworks. At the Museum you can also attend a traditional dance performance: Rwanda has a rich dance culture, and you can attend a performance of traditional dances such as the Intore dance. These dances are typically accompanied by drumming and singing.
When on a Rwandan cultural tour, you can also Visit a local market: Rwanda’s markets are full of vibrant colors, smells, and sounds. You can buy traditional crafts, fabrics, and foods while interacting with local vendors and learning about their daily lives.
Visit the Genocide Memorial: While not a traditional cultural experience, the Genocide Memorial in Kigali is an important part of Rwanda’s recent history. It is a somber but important reminder of the country’s struggles and resilience undergone after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi that took one million people lives in only 0ne hundred days. On your Rwanda cultural tour, you will be able to learn from how the Genocide was prepared, conducted and how it was stopped.
Visit a traditional village is another way of enjoying the Rwanda cultural tour as many villages in Rwanda still practice traditional ways of life, including farming, cooking, and crafting. You can visit a local village to learn about their customs and traditions.
On your Rwanda cultural tour, you can also try traditional Rwandan cuisine: Rwandan food is known for its simplicity and healthy ingredients. Some traditional dishes to try include umutsima (a dish made of maize and cassava flour), isombe (cassava leaves with eggplant and spinach), and irio (a dish made of mashed peas and potatoes).
These are just a few suggestions for a cultural tour of Rwanda. You can tailor your tour to your interests and preferences, but be sure to take the time to immerse yourself in Rwanda’s rich culture and history. With a help of a local professional tour operator, you will be able to customize your trip to Rwanda with other destinations such as the gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes, the chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe or a game drive in Akagera. Unique Rwanda Vacation experts are ready to make your Rwandan cultural tour a memorable experience by putting together a package that best fits with your preferences, time budget and needs. All you need is just to book with us.

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