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Touristic site in Burundi

Touristic site in Burundi

Burundi is a landlocked country located in the Great Lakes region of East Africa with Bujumbura as its capital city. Despite being a small and lesser-known destination, it has unique offerings that make it worth a visit. The country is blessed with various historical sites that offer opportunities to visitors of enjoying the country that still maintains the originality of its culture, mode of life as well as an intact nature. Here below, we bring you the various touristic sites in Burundi that tourists can enjoy on their visit to this beautiful country in the heart of Africa.

Burundi is home to stunning landscapes, including the scenic Lake Tanganyika, one of the longest and deepest lakes in the world. The lake offers opportunities for water activities and relaxation by its shores. Tanganyika has been considered one of the principal touristic sites that offers both relaxation on beautiful sandy beaches and various activities including boat riding and Kayaking.

Rusizi river
Rusizi River in Burundi

 The two National Parks namely Kibira National Park known for chimpanzee and wildlife viewing and Rusizi National Park are touristic sites that provide a chance to explore the country’s diverse flora and fauna, with opportunities for bird watching and hiking, boat riding and nature walking, among other activities that bring memorable experiences to tourist who visit Burundi.

Burundi has a vibrant cultural scene, with traditional dance and drumming playing a significant role. Visiting local communities can provide a firsthand experience of the country’s rich cultural heritage. Explore the local markets among other touristic sites to interact with the friendly locals to get a taste of Burundian daily life and traditions.

The well-known touristic site is the famous The Gishora Drum Sanctuary which is a cultural and historical site located in Gishora, near the town of Rutana in Burundi. This site is known for its sacred drums and plays a significant role in the cultural heritage of the country. The Gishora drum Sanctuary has been named on the list of Unesco World Heritage which makes it on the top list of what to do when you visit Burundi.

Gishora drum sanctuary

The Gishora Drum Sanctuary is considered a sacred place where important cultural ceremonies, especially related to the royal history of Burundi, have taken place. The drums are central to these ceremonies, symbolizing the unity and strength of the Burundian people. The sanctuary is also associated with the Burundian monarchy, and the drums have historical and symbolic importance. Traditionally, the drums were used in the enthronement ceremonies of the Burundian kings. If you are visiting Burundi, make sure to visit this touristic site and enjoy a great performance of drummers in a mesmerizing way.

Karera Waterfall is another touristic site in Burundi, located near the town of Rutana, in the southern part of Burundi. Karera Waterfall is known for its scenic beauty, surrounded by lush greenery and natural landscapes. The area offers a peaceful and picturesque setting for visitors. The journey to Karera Waterfall may involve some hiking or walking through natural trails. The natural beauty of Karera Waterfall provides excellent opportunities for photography. Visitors often capture the mesmerizing views and the surrounding landscape.

The Source of the Nile in Burundi is not to be left on the list of touristic sites in Burundi. Traditionally considered to be Lake Victoria, River Nile has several tributaries, and one of them, the Ruvyironza River, originates in Burundi. The Ruvyironza River is one of the main tributaries that contribute to the Nile River’s overall flow. The source of the Nile in Burundi is known for its natural beauty and significance in the region. The area around the source may offer picturesque landscapes, and the river itself is a vital part of the larger Nile River system.

Karera waterfall in Burundi

Rich culture, friendly people and beautiful beaches and other touristic sites in Burundi offers a memorable experience, making it a great choice for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure. You’ll have the opportunity to explore a destination that hasn’t been heavily commercialized, offering a more authentic and unspoiled travel experience. You can have as many days in Burundi as you wish depending on your time and interest. Hotels are available to accommodate visitors and ranges to Standard, Mid-range and Luxury options. You may visit Burundi alone or you may combine it with other destinations in the region. It is easier to combine Burundi and Visit Rwanda for gorilla trekking, Tanzania for the wildlife or Uganda for the primate’s safaris. Unique Rwanda Vacation Experts would advise on how you can visit Burundi and give you packages of tourist sites in Burundi to include on your travel list.

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