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Visit Rwanda

Visit Rwanda

Rwanda, a landlocked country situated in east Africa, sharing borders with Uganda in the North, Tanzania in the east, Burundi in the south and the Democratic of Congo in the West is visited by many tourists from all corners of the world. The tourists that visit Rwanda are mainly coming to trek the mountain gorillas accommodated in the Volcanoes National Park. These endangered species are only found only in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are the primates that resemble human beings and are said to be sharing almost 98% of their DNA with human beings.

It is not only gorilla trekking that makes people visit Rwanda. There are other attractions that Rwanda has to offer to Tourists. These include nationals Parks, Museums, art crafts, and cultural centers. In addition to the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda has 3 National parks each with its uniqueness. Akagera National park is known to host the big five animals namely Elephant, Lions, Rhinos, Leopard and buffalo. Tourists that visit Rwanda and have an occasion of visiting Akagera National Park will see other animals like antelope, zebras, Giraffe, hippopotamus and a number of birds.

Nyungwe National Park is another reserve that attracts a number of tourists. Tourists that visit Rwanda are attracted to one of the old Africa’s rain forests due to its biodiversity made of animals, primates, birds and flowers. The Park is inhabited by chimpanzees, colobus monkeys and 13 other primate species. Visitors are also amazed by the canopy walk experience which is a 90 meters suspended bridge on top of the forest that allows a view of the forest and its surroundings from top of trees.

Visit Rwanda

The last to be added to the list of National Parks in Rwanda is Gishwati and Mukura Natural forests. When you are on your visit to Rwanda don’t miss out to see the rich biodiversity that compose the Gishwati and Mukura, the two joined forests. It has 60 species of trees including the indigenous hardwoods and bamboos. Gishwati is a home to a group of 20 chimpanzees which live alongside the golden monkeys and blue monkeys. Birds are well represented; 232 species have been seen at Gishwati and 163 at Mukura. Apart from the national Parks, when you visit Rwanda you are also able to visit National Museums around the country which keeps a lot of information about the historical, cultural and art craft information. The following are not to be missed out on a visit to Rwanda.

The Rwanda Ethnographic Museum contains historical, ethnographic, artistic and archaeological artefacts accompanied by visual aides, giving visitors a rich insight into Rwandan culture.

museumThe Kings Palace Museum is also another addition on the list of visits to Rwanda. This museum situated in Nyanza, the ancient dynasty capital city exhibits the past of the Rwandan monarchy with some of the artefacts still available.

Rwanda Art Museum, formerly the presidential museum, displays the contemporary art works and the originality of Rwandan creativity.

When you visit Rwanda, don’t miss out to visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Rwanda has had the worst atrocities of the 20th century whereby 1 million people were brutally killed in only 100 days during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi. The Memorial Center also serves as an education Centre to learn from how the genocide was prepared, implemented and stopped. The place serves as well as a resting place for the 250,000 bodies of the victims of the Genocide.

The above are just a few of the attractions that Rwanda has to offer to tourists that visit Rwanda. Your visit to Rwanda would be a memorable one as you will be able to experience the uniqueness of the Country of a thousand hills. All you need to do is to find a professional tour operator to help you prepare your trip diligently. Unique Rwanda Vacations Experts will be available to help design an itinerary that best takes into consideration your time, interests and needs, just send us your request and leave us with the rest.

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