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Diana Fossey Tomb Hike

The Diana Fossey tomb hike

The Diana Fossey tomb hike is an incredible activity enjoyed in Volcanoes national park, the hike involves visitors to make a hike of around three to four hours walk into trail inside the jungle leads to the tomb of an American primatologist and environmentalist acknowledged for her wide and immense research on human kind Mountain Gorilla from 1967 until she lost her life in 1990 and buried near graves of her beloved gorillas.

The Diana Fossey tomb hike is a guided walk tour which immensely offers fantastic emotional, intellectual and physical experience as well. The hike typically covers a distance of around 7 miles’ round trip and the tomb is at 3000 m of altitude. Visitors interested in this activity have to walk three to four hours. On the hike, the park professional guide provides copious information on Dian Fossey and the influence of her study in the Virunga region. Arriving on the tomb site, visitors are able to observe the ruins of the remains, Gorilla’s tombs, and Dian’s tomb as well, visitors shall have minutes to breathe, take photos and socialize before heading back outside the jungle. Visitors on this hike trail can enjoy good views of rain forest, a variety of primates and birds.

Diana Fossey Tomb hike

Visitors on The Diana Fossey tomb hike can’t miss also to pay a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Campus, which lies on the footsteps of Volcanoes National Park in a Musanze. The campus is open to increase the awareness toward supporting the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International’s on-going conservation and education work in Rwanda. It’s a great idea for Gorilla trekkers, hikers, primatologists or other park visitors to make time and visit this research center which is having daily life information about Mountain Gorilla and the park as well in reference with Dian’s research.

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