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Volcano Mountains Hiking in Rwanda

Volcano Mountains Hiking in Rwanda

Rwanda, the country of a thousand hills as it is known of, is known to be a good choice for hiking mainly due to its pleasant scenic view and a moderate climate. From the high mountain of the Volcanoes to Nyungwe National Park through the massive Congo Nile Trail along Kivu lake; the country lies on high altitudes that make the country’s elevation high. Volcano Mountains Hiking in Rwanda is among the top tourist’s activities that bring a lot of visitors to the country. A range of six extinct volcanoes are one of the good hiking spots the country has.

Mount Bisoke is the smallest on the list and easier with 3,711m, with a pretty crater lake at the top. Straddling the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, it is one of eight prominent peaks in the area with fabulous views.

Mount Muhubura, a demanding full day climb up to 4,127m, with a scenic view of the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo the name Muhabura means “seen from far”. These lakes are usually visited by car or visited in a boat cruise. This time hikers will hike at the top of Muhabura and be able to see from top these beautiful lakes that were separated due to volcanic eruption.

Volcano Mountains Hiking in Rwanda


The highest peak in Rwanda is Mount Karisimbi, which translates as white shell, referring to the frequent snow that covers the summit and can be seen from a distance and the only place that has snow in the whole of Rwanda. At 4,507m it is a strenuous yet rewarding hike, which takes two days, camping along the way. During the hiking the hikers may get a chance to meet the gorillas and other primates as well as many bird species as this is a territory for them.

The above are the most hiked points in the Volcanoes, however other points of hiking exists in the country other than the Volcanoes.

Mount Kabuye is another popular hiking point, lying out of the volcanoes on an altitude of 2,700, takes about five hours to reach the top. This is recommended to junior hikers and older ages as it is not challenging as the Volcanoes and is very close to Kigali on a one-hour drive, this means that you can drive in the morning, do the hiking of Mount Kabuye and return back to Kigali. On top of the hike, there is a shop where you can have fresh food and refreshments as opposed to other places that are inhabited.

hiking volcanoesThe Congo Nile trail is a popular hiking and cycling spot with inside villages, forests and farms. It gives the opportunity to mix up the hike with visits to other places like coffee shops, local churches, swimming and do a boat ride in Kivu Lake as well as biking all along the shores of lake Kivu as you get to connect with locals in their everyday occupation. The hike takes 10 days although you can choose some sections depending on how many days you have.

The age recommended for volcanoes mountain hiking is 15 although other hikes do not give limitations to age.

Volcanoes Mountain hiking in Rwanda can be combined with other activities that Rwanda destinations can offer to tourists. These include but are not limited to gorilla and golden monkey trekking in the Volcanoes National Park, chimpanzee trekking and canopy walk in Nyungwe National Park, game drive in Akagera National Park. Other activities include kayaking and boat rides in various lakes in Rwanda, visiting museums and cultural centres to learn from the History, culture and ways of living of local Rwandans. If you are staying many days, you don’t need to worry about accommodation, the country has got a lot of accommodations in all parts of the country ranging from Standard, mid-range and Luxury accommodations as well as high end accommodations.

If you are planning for Volcano Mountains Hiking in Rwanda or visit other attractions in the country let us help you to design an itinerary that best fits with your interests, budget and time. Tour and travel experts at Unique Rwanda Vacation Experts will be pleased to work with you until a suitable package is confirmed to allow you park for your next vacation to the country of a thousand hills.

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