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Tour Package Cost

Tour Package Cost: All You Need to Know

Travelling has always been a life time experience that one enjoys in a place of dream. Tourists choose a place to visit based on interests. However, Tour package cost plays a big role in deciding on a destination to visit, activities to do and accommodation category to use. When planning a tour there are some important notes to make before deciding on your next vacation.

With this piece of writing, we are bringing to your attention what you need to know before packing for your next vacation.

For your tour package cost decide on a destination to visit. A destination will provide you with the idea of how much you need to save for your trip. There are some destinations that are expensive and others that are less expensive depending on how much activities are paid, like park entrance, permits, guiding fee. If you are visiting the Volcanoes and doing gorilla trekking, the cost will be higher since only a gorilla permit is 1500$ per person. The game drive in Akagera National Park is less expensive as park entrance for 1 person is 100$.

Tour Package Cost

For your tour package cost, also decide on which activities to perform since activities do not have the same costing. For instance, in the Volcanoes National Park, in addition to gorilla trekking, there are also golden monkeys at 100$ per one permit, Bisoke hiking which is 80$ whole hiking Kalisimbi is 400$. On the other hand, In Akagera National Park, one hot air balloon is 400$, a boat trip is 40$ and a game drive is 100$. That means visiting a destination will not decide on the budget but choice of activities will.

The type of accommodation is important in costing for a tour package. There are different types of accommodation to consider: budget, midrange and luxury accommodation as well as the high end one. Each category has a budget range which differs from one another. Difference in category doesn’t mean that it is not meeting requirements. Accommodations are subject to a rigorous checking of standards and are always monitored to see if they are meeting the standards. The difference in category comes from other additional services that differ from one another. The number of rooms, the size of rooms, the location of the hotel, number of staff all play a role in the categorization of the accommodation.

rhinos in Rwanda

You also need to do some research on a destination to know what are the activities, available accommodations, and have some recommendations before you work on your tour package cost. It is important to have enough information about a destination you are planning to visit. Each destination has uniqueness, culture, preferences, myths, does and don’ts. All of these are not only impacting your tour package costing but also guiding on how, when and what to do when you reach there.

And finally you need to request a quotation from ground tour operators. It’s better to use a local tour operator who knows the destination best and can be able to help you easily on the ground. Using a local tour operator is also cheap and reasonable since the quotation considers the exact cost of service plus his service fee. On the other hand, international tour operators or those that are based in countries other than the country of destination will still use the same local tour operators and on top of the quotation, they will add on a markup on costing made by the local tour operator as their profit they profit on the quotation to give you.

When planning for your trip, you need to diligently work on your tour Package cost so that you are sure of the exact budget to save for your trip. Unique Rwanda vacation Experts are ready and available to help you design a package that best fits with your budget and interests. Send us your request and let our tour experts help you accordingly.

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