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Summer Holiday in Rwanda

Summer Holiday in Rwanda

Welcome to Rwanda, the Country of a thousand hills as it is known. Rwanda is a land-locked country in the East of Africa neighbouring Uganda in the north, Burundi in the south, Tanzania in the East as well as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the West. Rwanda is known to be a safe haven for travellers as it offers memorable experiences with its various attractions including visiting gorillas in the Volcanoes, seeing the big five animals in Akagera National Park and visiting Nyungwe Natural Forest to see the chimpanzee and other primates species. If you are planning a Summer Holiday in Rwanda, you will be able to have a unique experience with a variety of attractions, a fascinating culture, rich history and on top of that the country is safe, green and clean at unrivalled level from other countries not only in the region but also in the whole continent as reported by many index reports.

When planning for a summer holiday in Rwanda you have to choose from a variety of attractions. You can choose to visit the famous volcanoes in the northern part of the country, home to the endangered mountain gorillas only found in Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC. The same volcanoes also accommodate the golden Monkeys. The volcanoes offer a unique hiking opportunity whereby the three volcanoes Kalisimbi, Muhabura, Bisoke and Sabyinyo can be hiked. By hiking up to the top of the mountain you will have a chance to see the country at a distance as well as the neighbouring countries.

On your summer holiday plan, You can also choose to go to Akagera National Park, the only savanna park in Rwanda known for hosting the big five animals: elephant, leopard, lion, black rhino and buffalo. Apart from the big five, the Akagera National Park also accommodates a variety of animals including giraffe, zebras, hyenas, several antelopes like bushbucks, Topis, water-buck, roan antelope, klipspringer, impala and world largest antelope the Cape eland.

Summer Holiday in Rwanda

Nyungwe National Park is not to be missed on your summer holiday in Rwanda, this natural forest in the south of the country is home to chimpanzees, colobus monkeys and other 13 primates’ species. It has the famous canopy walk which is a 90 meters suspended bridge that allows you to view the forest and its surroundings from tree top. When visiting the park don’t miss out on visiting the tea plantation to know how the tea is processed from the hands of men and women in a farm until served in a cup of coffee for your test.

On your way From Nyungwe National Park, profit from the winding landscape on the shores of Lake Kivu and hills covered by green vegetation. Remember to take as many pictures for the memories of your lifetime summer holiday in Rwanda. By a stopover at Kibuye or Gisenyi, relax on a beach and take a boat to visit the numerous Irelands in the lake and visit coffee plantations around the lake to know how coffee has been a blessing to local farmers as they earn their living from the world’s leading coffee.

On your summer holiday to Rwanda don’t be afraid of your accommodation. Rwanda has a variety of hotels and lodges ranging from budget, mid-range, luxury and super luxury facilities.

To make sure that your summer holiday in Rwanda is successful, you will need a specialized tour operator who will help to organize your tour by taking into account every single detail. Unique Rwanda Vacations Experts will make sure that your tour is well organized from booking park entrances and permits, booking hotels and offering transportation and other logistics. All you need is just to send a request and relax as a suitable itinerary is being prepared for you.

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