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Rwenzori Mountains National Park prevalently known as “Mountains of the Moon” is a World Heritage Site and one of the ten national parks in Uganda. Tourists from around the world like to take part in hiking this mountain and reaching the snow-capped Margherita Peak.

The Ugandan Rwenzori is safeguarded by the Rwenzori Mountains National Park and, in Congo by the Virunga National Park. The park can be investigated along a 7 day trail that wanders along the Mubuku and Bujuku valleys underneath the most elevated tops. However separates are short, the territory, height and weather conditions join to make an intense trip, the trouble of which ought to be considered carefully.

Rwenzori National Park

Rwenzori lies along the western line of Uganda and rise respected to be the amazing snow-covered Mountains of the Moon, depicted by Roman geographer Ptolemy in AD150. Arriving at a rise of 5,109m and lower slants covered in moorland and rich montane forest, it is likewise Africa’s tallest mountain range, surpassed in height exclusively by the detached Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro.

The Rwenzori Mountains are one of a kind, in the way that they are not volcanic in beginning, but rather were constrained ‘up’ during the commotion and development of the Great Rift Valley. Principally drawing in explorers ( for hiking) and climbers( hiking) ,the park likewise upholds a great number of vertebrates including elephant, felines, chimpanzee, goliath forest hoard and a considerable lot of the shyer types of gazelle, for example, duiker, as well as a different and vivid assortment of bird-life. Like its adjoining mountains in East Africa.
The Rwenzori range comprises of a few elevation zones: a forest zone at 1800m which is home to most of the parks occupant well evolved creatures, thick bamboo forest (3000m/4500m), moorland (4375m), steep icy passes to the Mountains of the Moon’s most elevated top (5109m). This mountain range is depicted as being maybe the hardest hiking challenge in East African expecting better than expected wellness and endurance.
Rwenzori untamed life jumpers


The Rwenzori today is wonderful for its verdure as opposed to its fauna. Elephant, bison, goliath forest hoard, bushbuck, chimpanzee and panther are available however are seldom seen.
Anyway primates, for example, high contrast Colobus and the blue monkey might be seen, as well as the hyrax, the elephant’s little cousin.


The Rwenzori is honored to 241 bird types of which 19 are endemic to the mountain. A few birds are restricted to only a couple of forests along the Albertine fracture, outstandingly the Rwenzori Turaco. In the snow capped zone search for the Malachite Sunbird among others

Rwenzori Climbing

Great hiking courses, including the Bujuku circuit, are given through awesome and one of a kind landscape. For the people who need to endeavor a trip, a few pinnacles give difficulties that match those in the Alps. These famous fog covered “Piles of the Moon,” 120 km long and 48 km in width, were shaped. The following is the concise multi day focal circuit preliminary Rwenzori hiking all around intended to suite the hikers needs and interests.

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