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Ibyiwacu cultural village

Iby’iwacu Cultural Village

Iby’iwacu Cultural Village is a popular cultural tourism site located near the Volcanoes National Park in northern Rwanda. The village offers visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich traditions, customs, and daily life of the Rwandan people. This is the live experience of the sustainable tourism in Rwanda whereby the founders were former poachers in the volcanoes national Park thereafter decided to join the efforts to preserve and protect he park at the same time initiating this village as an touristic attraction to offer visitors authentic Rwandan cultural experience.

Here are some key highlights and aspects of Iby’iwacu Cultural Village:

Cultural Experience: Iby’iwacu cultural village aims to preserve and showcase Rwandan cultural heritage. Visitors can engage in various cultural activities, including traditional dance performances, music, storytelling, and ceremonies. Local artisans often demonstrate their crafts, such as weaving, pottery, and woodcarving.

Community-Based Tourism: The village is a community-based tourism initiative, meaning that the local residents are actively involved in running and managing the site. Tourism revenue directly benefits the community, helping to improve their livelihoods and support local development projects. Ibyiwacu cultural village is a good example of how the community can benefit from tourism without disturbing the nature for livelihood.

Intore Dance: One of the main attractions at Iby’iwacu cultural village is the Intore dance performance. The Intore dancers, adorned in colorful traditional attire, showcase a high-energy dance style that was historically performed for Rwandan kings.

Traditional Cuisine: Tourists can also sample Rwandan cuisine, including local dishes made from ingredients sourced within the community. It’s a chance to experience authentic Rwandan flavors and culinary traditions.

Community Interaction: Visitors at ibyiwacu cultural village can interact with the local people, participate in everyday activities, and learn about their customs and ways of life. This cultural exchange can be a rewarding and educational experience for travelers. Visitors have the opportunity to explore traditional Rwandan houses made of mud and thatch. These huts provide insights into how people have lived in the region for generations.


Conservation and Wildlife Awareness: Alongside the cultural experiences, Iby’iwacu also promotes wildlife conservation. The site educates visitors about the importance of protecting Rwanda’s natural treasures, including the endangered mountain gorillas that inhabit the nearby Volcanoes National Park.

Iby’iwacu Cultural Village offers a meaningful way for tourists to connect with Rwanda’s vibrant culture and contribute positively to the local community. It’s essential to respect the customs and traditions of the people during your visit and support the sustainable initiatives that promote the welfare of both the local population and the environment.

Iby’iwacu Cultural Village is strategically situated near Volcanoes National Park, making it a popular stopover for tourists before or after their gorilla trekking experiences. To be able to package your trip with a stop over at the village, you need to work with a professional tour operator who will help you to design a proper itinerary that takes into account your time, budget and interests. The tour operator will also help you to book accommodation, activities and offer your transportation for your entire stay. Reach out to Unique Rwanda Vacation Experts to support you in preparing your trip to Rwanda.

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