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How safe is it to travel to Rwanda

How safe is it to travel to Rwanda.

Rwanda, the country of a thousand hills as it is known, is considered a safe haven to travel. Rwanda is a land-locked country in east Africa, bordering with Uganda in the north, Burundi in the south, Tanzania in the East and the democratic republic of Congo (DRC) in the West. You may ask yourself how safe it is it to travel to Rwanda. Rwanda has a lot to offer to tourists ranging from Gorilla trekking which is the most active activity that attracts most of the visitors in Rwanda. These endangered primates, said to be sharing 98% of their DNA with human beings, are only found in Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC. Apart from gorillas, there are other attractions like game drive in Akagera National Park, chimpanzee trekking and canopy walk in Nyungwe National Park, visiting museums, lakes and cities among others.

Rwanda is a country that has experienced some times of insecurities, war and the Genocide against Tutsi. Some people have kept that image for the country and some may be reluctant to travel to Rwanda, worried about their security. The today Rwanda is a different county that is admired for its outstanding organization, safety and cleanliness. Different rankings and indexes have put Rwanda in front places in different domains. Rwanda is ranked the sixth safest country in the world for solo travelers by Usebounce, behind Switzerland, Japan, Slovenia, Georgia and Iceland as the best countries for solo travelers.

How safe is it to travel to Rwanda

Rwanda is also named the cleanest city in Africa. This is due to the community commitment to clean the country whereby each end of the month Saturday is dedicated to cleaning communities and neighborhoods. This also goes hand in hand with government efforts of conservation and environmental protection.

In the answer to the question of how it is safe to travel to Rwanda, reviews from different travelers have testified of having had memorable experiences in Rwanda, citing the hospitality, kindness and security that they have experienced in Rwanda.

You may also ask how safe it is to travel to Rwanda especially during this time of covid 19. Well Rwanda is among the countries that have been praised for how it dealt with covid pandemic whereby 81% of the population is fully vaccinated. Other measures are still observed in accordance with the fight against the pandemic like cleanliness, hand washing, face masks in crowds and regular testing.

game drive in akagera

To make sure that you are safe when traveling to Rwanda, there are some important notes to take. These include travelling with a professional tour operator, adhering to the rules and regulations in place, and consulting appropriate institutions when having issues. Note also that use of plastic bags and bottles are banned in the country.

All these might be difficult to check for an individual but we recommend using a tour operator who will take care of all details when preparing your travel from checking availability of activities and permits, accommodations and other logistics to make sure that your travel to Rwanda is safe and memorable. By sending your request to Unique Rwanda Vacation Experts, you will be able to work with experienced tour consultants that will help you to design a suitable itinerary that meets your interests, time and budget.

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