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Five reasons to visit Rwanda in 2024

Five reasons to visit Rwanda in 2024

There are many reasons to visit Rwanda by the next coming year of 2024, people who ever visited Rwanda call it home. Rwanda is a small landlocked East Africa country Bordering Congo and Uganda with 26,338 square km which is a home to over 12 million people, it is one of the most densely populated countries on the African continent. Rwanda is a leading country in conservation efforts on the continent and third greenest place in the World. Planning this country of thousands of hills will be an ever exciting tour as you venture into a new world.

Being the safest country in Africa,  is one of the five reasons to visit Rwanda in 2024, the country experienced dark time of 1994 Genocide against Tutsi which swiped over one million lives of victims, but the country has renewed and become the safest on the continent, security is guaranteed all the time for both residents and visitors, all country streets are guarded 24/7 to ensure that residents and visitors are in a safe environment, road traffics are under surveillance day and night, noise is monitored especially during the night to ensure maximum comfort to anybody having a night in Rwanda.

Being one of the only three World countries that have mountain gorillas, and being the home of half of the World’s remaining mountain gorillas is one of among the five reasons to visit Rwanda in 2024.  Rwanda will be the best tourism destination that every primatologist should visit on the World to meet and see these wonderful creatures who are well habituated to be visited from their home, in addition, trekking gorilla within volcanoes chain is an adventure as you go climbing volcano in search of gorilla families which always headed by giant silverbacks.

Having an Inspired history is also one of five reasons to visit Rwanda in 2024, the country’s history undertaking the cultural heritage corridor that runs south from the capital city of Kigali for a reflection of the past country’s image. At the Rukali King’s Palace Museum in Nyanza, visitors will find a replica of the traditional Rwanda King’s palace of 10th century that hosted the last two Kings. There, visitors can’t miss a visit with Inyambo royal cows, the ethnographic museum that offers a broader look at Rwanda’s culture through seven galleries that highlight the architecture, textiles, hunting weapons and more that were created and used in 10th century.

Having exceptional artists and artifacts is a tangible reason to visit Rwanda in 2024, exciting paintings exhibited from the sides of buildings as you make your way through the towns of Rwanda, it shows that talented artists call the country home. Visiting art galleries in Rwanda will surely improve your emotional intelligence by expanding your knowledge and experience with new types of artwork you have never seen before. The artifacts are found in different shapes and sizes, including Agaseke which is well known all over the world. In addition, visitors can’t miss the musicians and dancer’s troops who traditionally interpret the story of the country’s cultural heritage to the beat of wailing chants and drums.

Having incredible wildlife encounters, mountain gorilla in north, chimpanzees in the south, big five and antelopes games in Eastern Savannah grassland, hippos and Nile crocodiles, ever chanting birds flying over the land of thousand hills is also one of the five reasons to visit Rwanda in 2024.  Rwanda is a home to Africa’s charming creatures most visitors prefer to spend their entire holiday time. However, you need a local tour operator to make your trip a lifetime experience. Unique Rwanda Vacation experts are ready to make your adventure tour a memorable experience by putting together a package that best fits with your preferences, time, budget and needs. All you need is just to book with us.

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